Mr. tweedy
Ginger: (Pops up rock) Oh, hello. Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Jellyfish Trauma Center. Let's take a look. [BONK!] [Man says OW, OW, IT BURNS!] These poor souls are here because they found themselves for the wrong side of a jellyfish stinger. Not if they're the right side. [Laughs] The point is, that we will all be respectful.

Evil Mr. Tweedy: OOOWW!!!

Ginger: BAH! Stepped on a pickle!

Evil Mr. Tweedy: PICKLE?! I'm not a pickle, you-- WHOA! Careful, oaf!

Ginger: Why that pickle is Mr. Tweedy. What happened to you?

Evil Mr. Tweedy: This is the Jellyfish Trauma Center, dunce. What do you think hap--

Ginger: Aw, you poor thing, have some flowers.

Evil Mr. Tweedy: AAAAHH!!! I'm allergic to Chrysanthemums! [Turns allergic]

Ginger: NURSE! This hot dog needs help!!!

Nice Mrs. Tweedy: Here I am.

Ginger: Mrs. Tweedy, what are you doing here?

Mrs. Tweedy: Community service. It's a long story.

Evil Mr. Tweedy: Um, I could use a little help here. [Opens door and floats away into the sky.] Phew, i'm glad for getting away for those heevens. [Shows one jellyfish] Whoa. [Shows 2 jellyfishes] Gah!!! [Shows all jellyfishes] Oh, mommy. NOT THE EYE!!! [Stings him] AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Ginger: I think we've all learned something for here today. Thanks for watching